A.I.R. | Auxillary Investigator Resourcing

What makes them great at patient care doesn’t leave time to be great at recruiting. Don’t let lack of sub-investigators slow your study and cost you dearly.

Small issues add up to large sums.


Full-service site initiation and site survey capabilities. We manage all portions of initiating outside investigators needed for clinical trial outsourcing (e.g., Radiologists, Ophthalmologists, Audiologists, Dermatologists, Neurologists, Dentists…) Leveraging a large-scale location and specialty-based data analysis we identify, connect and initiate sub-investigators for any exams/procedures/imaging or services required per protocol and schedule of events.

Program Benefits


  • Accelerates Enrollment Start-Up Process
  • Reduces Site Burden
  • Lessens Protocol Deviations
  • Facilitates Patient-Centric Approach
  • Lowers Overall Study Operational Expenses
  • Designed and managed by experienced CRAs/ClinOps execs
  • Staffed with Clinical Research Coordinators, CRAs and research level associates


Full Service Program Details


  • Identify multiple physicians based on site list and desired specialties provided by sponsor
  • Engage sub-Investigators and obtain completed site survey form, CV and medical license
  • Provide all pertinent protocol and schedule of events information to the sub-Investigators
  • Negotiate exam/procedure/imaging fees
  • Secure signed contracts
  • Initiate sub-Investigators to delegation log
  • Manage all billing
  • Provide streamlined point of contact to office scheduler
  • Ensure priority to clinical trial patients
  • Communicate and deliver all executed forms back to the CRA/Sponsor/Investigator Site