Innovation. Transformation. Results.

We help you grow by combining creative thinking, insightful data and powerful analytics.

We help exceed goals, identify new opportunities and solve problems.


Venntix is a data-driven practice focusing on audience acquisition, customer retention, and product development support. From digital transformation and innovation agency services to people-based outreach on a hyper-local scale we help you work smarter not harder to drive revenue, find cost efficiencies, as well as reduce risk and client attrition.



Unparalleled Targeting


  • Intent Signals/On-line Consumption Data – We help you find the people who are actually in-market for your offerings. B2B and B2C downstream consumption data indicating high propensity prospects at critical stages in the customer journey.
  • Rich Mobile Data and Insights – From mobile number appends to mobile device identification. Segmentation and targeting based on what kinds of apps they have installed and use most often.
  • Hyper-Local Geographic Data – innovative analysis and insights into neighborhood and sub-zip code level analytics and targeting by disposition, propensity, and topic or product category.

World-Class Analytics

From massively scalable predictive analytics powered by machine learning, AI-based neural networks, and battle-tested technology to custom reporting and analysis we can help.
We’ve done everything from product development and innovation to repeatable report frameworks for helping you achieve success both inside your organization as well as to your clients.
Our analytics products are aimed to make analytics accessible and effective. Readily integrating with popular systems such as we help you exponentially increase your ability to predict future successes and failures.

Expert Execution


  • Digital, Native, and Social Display – Targeting by demographics, psychographics and behavioral signals we target and retargeting with precision and terrific results. We can even combine them for specialized Microburst Targeting
  • Email Marketing – Leveraging permission-based email tactics, we help with new customer acquisition as well as retention programs.
  • Content Creation and Marketing – With our content production services, we help you connect with your target audience with informative, promotional and shareable content ranging from videos and written content to landing pages and websites.
  • Mobile Marketing – Reach your prospects and customers on their mobile devices. We offer a range of services from SMS/text messaging to FCC-compliant ringless voicemail programs.


Who We Serve


We have served everyone from niche energy industry clients to global information technology and industry giants. A few key verticals: